Wednesday, January 25, 2012


ready to go

the (mostly) finished shelves, waiting to be filled up

I bought the wood to make some shelves about... a year ago. I put them in Tyler's garage hoping they would materialize into shelves. I painted them over Thanksgiving. And last night Tyler came and hung them up for me! I was going to do three but the ceiling just wasn't having it. The only thing is the brackets are not the right white. So should I paint them white? Or another color? Or let them be? Share your thoughts!

 I love that I now have about 30 excuses to buy pretty overpriced dishes from Anthropologie. 


  1. Looks cute friend. Add Anthro onto the list of places to visit next Saturday. i think it's cute as is, maybe a color would be nice though?

  2. I love the idea of bright colored dishes! I am all about white white white for the brackets.


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