Monday, October 17, 2011

Other scenes of my weekend, via le'phone

#1. I spray painted this mirror gold. I can't decide if I love it or not. What is your opinion? silver? pewter? antique gold? white? oi.

#2. just some sketches of what i want to wear this season...

#3. Sunday best (sorry about the hairspray on the mirror!)

# 4 & 5. I learned this IKEA tray is the perfect size for my snacks when I want to sit on my bed & watch netflix. (PS watching Parks & Rec right now... LOVE!)

#6. Sarah entrusted me with little Sasha for a couple hours on Saturday. I set a timer so I could check on him every 10 minutes during his nap. Maybe I had to pick him up a couple times just to hold him too. :)
check out my swaddling skills.. haha

#7. What? how did another witch pic get in there?

Sunday, Catherine & I loaded up the tables and chairs we had borrowed from the church for the party. Cat asked "should we try to put the tailgate up?" I said, "no, we're not going on the freeway or anything. DUH!"

Within 3 blocks of leaving & one very steep hill, we lost all the chairs & tables (the chairs were on top of the tables, so they just cascaded out). It took a lot of honking and Catherine saying, "We are losing everything!" for me to pull over.

It was so hilarious and only embarrassing at first. Two girls in heels & skirts picking up chairs strewn about the intersection. Classic. Shout out to the sweet couple that helped us, thank you! When they were leaving, the wife said "you guys are not in charge of tables and chairs anymore!"

Point taken. We seriously laughed the whole way to the church. And a little bit in church.

Oh, and today, I realized that my hazard lights have been on ever since the incident. NICE!!!


  1. Ha ha ha ha I died hearing about the hazard lights. I want the caption under your sunday outfit to read "Alright! Cool!" That was the best.

  2. Hahaha! I really wish I could have seen #8. Although my imagination did a good job. And you are a great babysitter :) I can't thank you enough.


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