Monday, August 8, 2011

in the middle of the night...

This post should be titled the midnight from hell!!
But I didn't want you to freak out. But FYI it was the worst middle of the night of my life (and I've been married, so... ).

Let me break it down for you.

(technically Saturday morning)

1 AM

Just got home from a date. So excited to put my fresh sheets on my bed so I could fall asleep instantly.

I started to pull the duvet cover over the comforter, and notice a teeny, tiny spider. Killed it. 10 seconds later, I saw another one. Killed it. 30 seconds after that I see a spider hanging in front of my face.

What is going on?

I look up and there are literally ONE HUNDRED teeny spiders all over the ceiling, some coming down and others crawling around frantically.


After multiple swears and mini screams (it is the middle of the night, after all) I pulled myself together. I spent the next hour spraying the crap out of the little demons and smashing them all.

2:30 AM


My sense of security was quickly dashed. I have a duvet cover full of RUFFLES. Meaning, for hours before I got home, little spiders were just nesting in all of them.

I rip off the duvet, shove it in the washer and pour as much bleach as I can into it. I go back to the bedroom to scour the space for any creepy crawling thing.

3:00 AM

When I feel safe, again, I go into the bathroom (where the washer is) to wash my face. While my back is turned, the washer is in spin cycle. All of the sudden I hear a SMACK followed by a SPLASH. Half of a bottle of bleach has just poured all over the floor, me and the rest of the bathroom.

Are you kidding me?

Luckily I have white towels so I just pulled them down as fast as I could to soak up the bleach. There was so much bleach in the air that my eyeballs were burning.

My pj's didn't make it out so hot:

3:30 AM

Put a ton of clothes on (to protect my body) play some random movie so that I will fall asleep to it and not think about all of the spiders that will probably be hovering over my bed all night.

9:00 AM

I wake up and think, was that a nightmare?
No it wasn't.
I lived it.
That was for real.

Yes, I had to tell myself that many times.


  1. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I would have to move out. Hundred's of spiders? You are my hero for killing all of those. I love that all of that happened throughout the night. Sort of hilarious, but I'm kind of dry heaving picturing all of those disgusting spiders.

  2. That's just horrible! Creeptastic. Glad you survived :)

  3. I think that I'm going to have nightmares. Den has to kill every spider I see because I go into shock. I don't know how you fell asleep after that... you are my hero. I honestly thought that you were going to say that it was just a bad dream because who knew that it was possible for so many little spiders to exist in one place! and WHY? You should be given some kind of medal.

  4. Yikes! What an awful (but compelling) story. Thanks for sharing!

  5. oh my heavens! worst story ever! i haaaate spiders. one hudred spiders? get out. that is the worst thing i have ever even imagined. i would have died. you handled that situation like a true champ. nowhere near as bad as your story, but the other night i was getting ready for bed. walk out of my room. two spiders chillin in front of the door. find something to trap them with. find three more in another room. chase the first two down the hall only to find two more! and earlier that morning i had found one in the bathroom sink. they are everywhere. taking over the world really.


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