Thursday, June 23, 2011

you're like an open book

one of my goals this year has been to read more books just for the sake of reading. i forgot just how much i love to read! i used to stay up all night just to finish the latest boxcar children or babysitter's club book. somewhere along the lines of teenager=boys mean everything, i lost the love.

well, the love is back, and baby, it's a bad romance. i never get to sleep before 1 am anymore. really, it's crazy. i feel like my little brother nathan, who can ALWAYS be found with his honker behind a book.

first things first. i joined a book club with some friends. the books, well, they haven't been that great for me. but the social part makes up for all of that.

second. i got a library card. the library makes my heart sing. something about all of those books smells so good to me, bringing back all the best memories of elementary school and the bookmobile.

sidenote: the absolutely most scary librarian works there. someone tried to check out a book at her desk, and she snapped. "i am a librarian, not a clerk! librarians do not check out books! can't you see the sign that says 'check out'?" her skin is the color of frodo's skin after the spider sucked out all the blood, and her hair is the color of flames ready to engulf you in librarian rage (this description could just be me because i am so terrified of her).

moving on.

the books.
(not including the book club books. don't bother)

the help.

all of the characters in this story had the greatest voices, you can almost hear them speaking! i was sad for this one to be over, and i can't wait for the movie this summer!

the hunger games.

i finally gave in to the hype and picked this one up. and read 300 pages in one day! and looked up all of the actors that will be in the movie next year. i'm hooked.


i just lo-ove tina fey. everything she says attacks my brain and sends it into hysterical laughter. the perfect airplane/pool read. tyler & i actually read it together on the way to AZ.. fer cute!
warning to tender ears and eyes(and my mom): there is a bit of harsh language.

hiding in plain sight: the incredible true story of a german-jewish girl's fight to survive in nazi-occupied poland.

the title says it all. AMAZING. it is a big book (over 500 pgs) but captivating, heartbreaking, and TRUE. even though this is written by the survivor, i read it thinking, "this girl is not going to make it!"
sidenote #2: WWII is by far my favorite period in history. 

that's all i can think of right now. currently i am reading pride and prejudice( i think i have to read it to be a woman. watching the movie 100 times doesn't count?1), and mockingjay (third book in hunger games series).

any good recommendations out there? i'd love to hear!


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  2. If you like fantasy types like the Hunger games, check out Graceling by kristin cashore.


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