Tuesday, June 21, 2011

adventures in sewing: the dark side.

this has been SUCH a hard experience for me, that i can barely even write about it after all this time.

i found this true gem at the DI for $4. the color was beyond perfect, and in great condition. i just needed to take in the sides a bit and wahlah! we would have magic.

of course i decide to do this 30 minutes before church. first mistake.

i take one of my favorite skirts and lay it on top. trace it. pay no mind to the difference in material between the two skirts. second mistake.

sew it up. cut off sides before trying on. third mistake.

surprise! the skirt is much too tight. somehow i finagle it on my body. in my most logical brain i decide to wear it anyway, because it's not like i'll be moving around that much. fourth mistake.

tyler's here to pick me up! i gingerly walk down the stairs and try to get into his truck. rrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiipppppppp!!!!

another surprise! this 30 year old skirt's just not gonna give, and ripped right along side my new seam. idiot!

at least it was cute for 2 seconds.

i am still going to try to re-sew the sides, i just haven't figured out exactly how or with what yet.

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