Tuesday, June 28, 2011


sunday we had the whole day to ourselves, & already held a pass to the tetons/yellowstone in our hands (we had to buy one to get into the wedding).

started the day off with some breakfast:

 i don't remember what this was but it was the bomb.

 i drank lots & lots of this while i mapped out our route (we did the bottom loop!)

first stop: a moose!
i love moose.

lewis lake. half of it was still covered in ice.

 you get this picture in sepia to hide (some of) my flaws. no makeup allowed in yellerstone!

 went on an interesting tour around old faithful with ranger brian.

 me by a stinkalicious hot spring

 tyler taking in the glory of ole faithful

the prismatic spring. 
my favorite.

 funny story about this pic. i was trying to pose like i was falling off, tyler snapped a pic and said "that wasn't a good one". and some SAFARI-HAT-WEARING-MAN said "it's probably because of those boots!" 
so i just did a fake laugh and put a hand on my hip. 
i don't know.
ps. sorry my outfit is lame. my personal stylist couldn't make it.


paint pots.

this is tyler's favorite pose btw. but who cares. a real smile here!


or tyler trying to point at bison.

a sweet waterfall. 
standing at the edge of a cliff.

a HUMONGOUS waterfall. it was the first one i've ever seen that size!

bison galore..

mud pots (?) i am forgetting names already.

the stankiest.

we had a blast. 
1. yellowstone is a science fair!
2. we wished we could hike around the tetons. but there was so much snow. 

hooray for small trips.
next... we explore the vast city of jackson.

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