Friday, March 25, 2011

friday afternoon delight

1. lime ricky from sonic

2. a special delivery from UPS

i am a huge believer in the goal/rewards system- AKA how i justify my purchases. i was talking to my mom the other night and told her about these boots, and she said "where do you come from? I will do alot for a snickers bar". I replied, "mom, i pretty much deserve a snickers bar just for getting of bed in the morning."
3. when i drove into work this morning, i noticed a lone pansy flower in the midst of the spring tulips. it reminded me of this story:
brother taylor called brother nathan a pansy(which is a totally outdated insult, but whatever). nathan was visibly upset and ran to tell mom about it. in an attempt to console nate, with her arm around him, she said in very serious tone, "well, pansies are the strongest flower!" sitting in the same room, i chimed in "but, you're still a flower."
happy friday friends!

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  1. So cute! Love the shiny graphite! Good choice!

  2. Hey, I went to work all week, full time. No sick days. It was a goal, but I didn't set a prize. I guess I need to go shopping :)


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