Wednesday, March 23, 2011

adventures in sewing: pillow talk

the latest & greatest from my sweatshop:

found this awesome needlework @ the DI for $1(like a year ago) & took it out of it's frame(and cleaned it-duh, don't be gross!)

please note the bag of jimmy john's potato chips. i'd like to say this project was sponsered by the Italian night Club.

folded it 'til I felt good about it & sewed it up into the painfully easy envelope pillow

made a pillow form to fit

(no picture, because it's boring)

& wahlah! it's definitely not perfect, but I think for a buck and 45 minutes it's purdy darn good.

I've loved experimenting with my sewing machine lately, just making things up as I go. I need to show you one of my (mis)adventures in sewing next! it was really sad.


  1. Uh, seriously?! I want to steal this pillow. Genius! And thanks for your nice comments. They always make my day!!


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