Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Love Day everyone!

This year Tyler surprised me with tickets to Grace Potter & the Nocturnals @ the Depot. I had never heard of them, but I was pleasantly surprised. Actually that is an understatement. They were phenom. When the band came out on stage & I saw Grace, I said "Oh, now I see why you got tickets!" The girl is seriously bombshell. He claims it was because of her voice... No matter, the show did not disappoint!

only photo of us that night. right as i was about to take it a guy yelled, "your mouth is open!" super awkie.

i loved their set!

This lady can rock like no lady I've ever seen. If given the chance, PLEASE go see them next time they're in town! you will be so happy you did.
(their sound is along the lines of the yeah yeah yeahs....)

Only downside: I didn't know what we were doing=wore 4 inch heels=standing at a concert for 3 hours=numb feet= pain for days.

Tyler asked me when it was my turn to plan valentine's adventures. ummm... when you put a ring on it! doi.

I hope you all share today with someone you care about...


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  1. If there are any good concerts coming up, we should definitely go together. I have a feeling you would be a great concert buddy. And I get high during concerts, naturally, from the happiness, no seriously.


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