Friday, October 15, 2010

A few things Autumn.

My take on Autumn & Halloween

I love: dressing up, pumpkins, the treats, and the weather.

I HATE: scary movies, skeletons, haunted houses(it gives me indigestion), haunted corn mazes and candy bowls with electrical skeleton hands. What can I say, I'm a regular old ninny!

All of that aside, this is my first year ever decorating for fall, and this is what I've come up with so far in my li'l apartment.

a simple fall garland
My vase collection(from D.I.)... don't love the "welcome" sign, but I do love my roommates:)
...yes I still know that my photography skills are lacking.
I made this wreath for about 8 bucks!

... and finally, my entourage of diva pumpkins! notice the beauty mark on front & center there...

Happy Fall Ya'll


  1. I needed a good laugh this morning...LOVED those diva pumpkins!

  2. Ha ha I LOVED the diva pumpkins! How did you do their lips? Oh and just so you know, I may appear to be a stalker, commenting on almost every one of your posts, but allow me to explain. I get paid to sit at a desk and look at blogs. Hence, I'm up to date on everyone's lives and add my two cents often. :) So thanks for updating!

  3. You are so hilare - and really why does everything sound better and smarter with an english accent?! I need to find me an englishman stat. You also need to see "RED" and "Life as we know it!" Loved both :) Cute wreath and garland

    p.s. may have to copy your wreath idea!!!!!

  4. oh i absolutely HATE scary movies too! i will NOT watch them. my hubby feels deprived, but i don't care. i can't sleep. i'm a ninny too ;)
    love your simple leaf garland & glad to see you shop at the DI too. so cute Andrea!


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