Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Tyler took me to the Symphony tonight(oh how I LOVE the symphony) at Abravanel Hall. Whilst the music is playing I love to just let my mind wander and let the music direct my thoughts. The entire symphony was dedicated to the 4th of July-a patriotic tribute, so you can imagine, the music was very powerful as it ebbed and flowed throughout the concert....

As I listened to the music, its sound was absolutely perfect. I started thinking that we(you and me) are all in a symphony, and the Lord is the composer and conductor of our songs. He orchestrates everything perfectly. Even during the minor(flat) parts of the composition when it seems straining and wrong, the major parts come in and resolve everything, letting us know that it was worth it to play through the strain to have the harmony and grand finale that we all desire.

He really knows what He's doing. This is one seriously beautiful symphony.


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