Thursday, May 20, 2010

friend or foe? You be the judge

I’m a little embarrassed by writing this post, because I keep thinking WWJD(i know, i know...)? But to what extent do I lend my hand? I am in need of your expertise and wisdom.

there’s a girl that lives at the property I work at that thinks I’m pretty cool. well hey, who can argue with someone that thinks you’re pretty cool? the only problem is, it’s a leeettle bit out of control. I mean it has gone from shopping at the exact same stores as i do, dying her hair the same color as mine(even cut bangs!) and traded in her acrylic nails for painted mine. She comes and sits at my office desk for an hour at a time, at least three times a day, not talking much, but mostly staring. this has gone on for almost a year, since she asked me my height and weight-it turns out, we are...THE SAME!!
ok so I promise I’m not saying this to toot my own horn because I think that I really am as awesome as she thinks I am. But I am in the shambles about the situation! It is flattering, creepy and on top of that I feel the responsibility to be her friend. I’ve never had to reject a friend request(besides the creeps on facebook) before. I don’t know if she’s crazy or if she just desperately needs a friend. I have always felt that I shouldn’t turn down a person in need, but then again I’ve never been so exhausted from a relationship that’s not even a real friendship! She has asked for my number, to hang out and to become friends on facebook a few times and I have kindly deflected the situation. This has seriously been weighing on my mind, though. Am I being selfish and rude and hurtful? Am I the friend that she needs right now? Am I going to be handing in my sanity card if I give her my digits? Am I worried that she is just going to invade my whole life(...yes)?
The question I am asking you, do I give her my contact info or not?


  1. Oh dear. That is so tough. By no means do I think you should be rude to her or anything but the thing is, if you give her your number then you might end up hurting her feelings even more in the long run when you get so fed up with her that you blow up at her and ignore her completely...I don't know! Tough tough situation. Good luck! And keep us updated with what you decide to do!

  2. Can you use the 'boss doesn't want me talking for 3 hours' excuse?

  3. Perfect stranger, uhm, just tell her to have a nice day, and tell her you don't socialize outside of work. You go home and sleep and have never heard of a computer or cell phone. :)

  4. Not to sound totally scary.. but she could have a personality disorder...

  5. EWWWW! That would bug me too! I agree with Shaylynn.. Just say you don't socialize outside of work and like to keep your life private :)

  6. Andrea, you already know that I say 'NO'. But I think you should continue to be kind to her... Jesus understands that it could be a bad situation to give her your digits, He understands. I don't feel like that is rude. You can still be nice when you see her. Yes, she may need friends right now... but I dunno... pray about it, it may or not be you. Most likely not you. Keep being patient and nice, and most importantly safe and sane :)


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