Sunday, March 21, 2010

a penny for your thoughts

Please help me in this dire predicament that I call hair:

Should I have...


Should I be...


help! let me know what you think:)


  1. I'm gonna have to say............ I love the blonde.
    It's always makes you look so TAN!
    And I think you look AWESOME with kind of a swoop bang.
    Maybe you could do some blonde with some caramel, and syrup lowlights!?
    That might look cool.
    I'm kind of into this look right now... My hair SUCKS to pull it off.. but you could TOTALLY do it.

  2. That's the fun of being a girl! Changing your hair every few months for a fun change! I love that I can go from blonde to brunette, long to short, and back again. In fact, I just got extensions about a month ago, and I am loving them. Just be glad you look great no matter what you do!

  3. My vote is BLONDE with BANGS! :) You look GORGEOUS either color though!

  4. My thoughts are probably worth a penny...blond, and no bangs?

  5. Brown with bangs. (I may be too logical tho..) Im mostly saying that because you fairly recently died your hair dark! so soon to make the change back to blonde =( PS I love it long, its so pretty.

  6. Bang it up and summer-fy yourself.. blonde!

  7. It's s hard to choose! You ALWAYS look cute no matter what you do! You just went dark and it's a fun change so I'd say stay dark for a while longer, but at the same time, I think you have a really pretty color of eyes and they pop out more when you're blonde. As for the bangs, keep 'em til they become "so yesterday!"

  8. Keep the smile. Whatever you do with your hair always looks great. I especially like it when it's darker blonde and a little curly. Love, Mom

  9. Dark and Bangs!!!! LOVING it on you.. So absolutely darling. Very high fashion and SO not Utah ;) Everyone is blonde with no bangs.. BLAH. How adorable was your lunch date?! You have a good man. Mark said to me the other day "Why don't we ever hang out with them?!" We were going to get dessert and he said call your friend.. It was like 10... I didn't! See you Monday :)


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