Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The weekend before Halloween, some pals came to Provo from Arizona, and Tyler and I went down to join in all of the fun. All of the guys went to the BYU game and the ladies attended the WITCH PARTY! It is much anticipated by many a lady around the valley and beyond! Everyone has to wear black and a witches hat... most of the women came dressed in well planned extravagant witch outfits. There was dinner, performances, dancing and prizes!

I have never had so much fun celebrating Halloween before!

The location- an old school in Payson...perfect!

 with Shalayne and Celeste about to get our wicked witch on

Some of the spread.YUM!

Celeste mid-move

This was my celebration face after I won the limbo contest! Wahoo!

I was so happy to be invited! I'm planning my outfit already just in case I get to go again!

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  1. Happy Halloween! Looks like you had quite a diverse Hallows eve....a little wayne and garth action and a witch party! so fun. Hopefully next year we can PART-AY together. Poor Alison.....



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