Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Halloween did happen

You guys, I know that Halloween was 3 months ago. But its okay! I am making progress.

Here are mine and Tyler's pumpkins. Who can guess what Tyler's is?:)

I hadn't dressed up for Halloween since I don't know when. So I knew my comeback year needed to be worth it. Amy was throwing a party, so it was a perfect opportunity to make the fabulous debut as....


Aren't you a little freaked out at how good of a Garth I am? yeah, me too.


A close up of Garth

Resident Susan as the evil Bunny :) :)

Check out her tail!

Brian and his friends as boy scouts!

Roxy dressed up as the princess that she is! Tyler was pretending that he didn't like it, but I'm pretty sure that he took 30 pictures!

Getting pumped up for the part-ay!

Taylor and his buddies as the Teletubbies- this was one of the best things to happen to my life!

ps. they went to visit Alyson since she was in the hospital (burst appendix) over Halloween and couldn't go trick-or-treating:(

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