Thursday, January 21, 2010

Parts I and II

Have you ever looked back over parts of your life and seen the wreckage and fiery crash that was behind you, and wonder to yourself, "how in the world did I make it through that"? That is how I feel about half of 2009(part I:2009). I experienced things I never imagined going through, and during the whole tha-ang, day by day I did what I needed to do to get it done. Now when I look back at all those days lumped together, I have to say that I gave myself a little pat on the back!

I can't credit myself very much for getting through the tough times though, I had a lot of people carry me through it. Wonderful family members, magnificent friends, delicious Diet coke with lime(I'd be cheating if I didn't mention it), and most of all, my loving and kind Heavenly Father. There's a little lump in my throat just thinking about everything everyone has done for me to help me feel loved and be truly happy.

I know I made the right choice that started(or ended, depending on how you look at it) the whole fiasco of Part I:2009, and I feel there have been priceless lessons learned that couldn't come any other way.

Part II:2009 was quite the opposite for me! It was one adventure after the next. After adjusting to being single again (NOT the same as when I was 19:)), moving into an apartment with roommates and into a singles ward (I love it more than I thought imaginable), I have had quite the blast! I am loving doing my own thing, on my own agenda-maybe a little too much... I have been places I'd never been before! I've taken up new hobbies and gained new interests. I've made alot of new friends(one being a little pup named Roxy, whom I adore... possibly as much as her owner:)) and have strengthened long time relationships (i.e. one of my BFF's Sarah moving in with me!).

So 2009, parts I and II, you sure put me through the ringer, but you made it worth it by giving me so much to be happy about at the end of it all.

BUT...I'm still happy to close the door on 2009.

2010 is sure looking bright!


  1. You made me cry. We sure do love you!

  2. 2009, what a year. Part I includes events mostly from 2009 (a few carried over from 2008, please excuse my nostalgia) I remember living with my best friend, decorating a Christmas tree together, talking late into the night, endless TV shows, baking cookies, cooking omelets for diets, Las Vegas, working at the Buckle, working out at the gym, Bajio. Part II I recall you meeting your perfect match at Jason's Deli of all places, getting a new job, gaining your independence, moving out, and getting new hubcaps for the Galant. You've certainly made it through. All of it, the good and the bad have highlighted your character and made you more uniquely you...

  3. We love you and we are proud of you. You have taught us many important things - especially in 2009. Thank you :) Love, Mom & Dad

  4. Andrea, you must be a very strong girl. I don't know how you did it all and kept such a positive outlook. I think I can speak for all your family and friends in saying that we all look up to you.

    PS You're moving in with Sarah!? I LOVE SARAH!! I'm sure you two will have tons of fun!

  5. I.LOVE.YOU - and you know that :)

    Thankful for spiritual, down to earth, beautiful, strong, hilarious, trendy, amazing friends like you!

    (they are FEW and far between)

  6. SO glad that even through a little rough patch much good has come! You are so darling and deserve to be happy! I love to read your blog:)


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