Monday, December 7, 2009

A party for the roomie!

Tyler's roommate John had a birthday and he wanted to plan his party for himself:)... C'mon, what kind of woman would I be if I let someone throw their own birthday party? So I did my part and bought a ton of balloons, hats and party poppers! Tyler's other roomie and his girlfriend made a cake. John provided the food, which by the pictures below, you can see was very gourmet!

There were no drugs at this party.

Roxy was pumped!

John the Birthday boy!

There were some great party conversations!

Matt and his Girf Emily

The spread. Literally just hamburger patties and buns. And cake of course!

The party really got the best of her.


  1. Thandrea K. MERRY Christmas! Hope to see you soon. I think you're up in B town with da fam. Hope all is well. Kiss Tyler for us. Love you,

    The Doyles

  2. What a good party planner you are :) I was laughing out loud at the "spread!!!" Sooooo TYPICAL for a guy :) Love that Roxy was sporting a hat too!!!! Hope 2010 is treating you SWELL... P.S. Cute headband ;)

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  4. AN UPDATE PLEASE!? I dont know what ur up to gerl.....I dont have a FB so I rely on ur blog =) JK I know you're probably busy. Love to hear from you tho, I hope all is well and dandy.



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