Saturday, January 30, 2010

I had a little Birthday on December 4th.
I turned a whopping 24! I had a blast and everyone made me feel so special!
I think that my birthday is one of the best days during the whole year so I was glad people were pretending that it was one of the best days for them too:)

We went to a Thai place downtown, Sawadee. It was absolutely divine! Afterward, we went to my apartment for cake and games!

I loved having my own bunch of balloons.

Brian, Tanisha, Mark and Heidi

The bearded one and I

Sarah and her date, who is also Tyler Miller....whaaa???

Matt and Emily (who are totally engaged now-YEA!!!)

Heidi made me this adorable headband. I love it!

I couldn't contain my excitement!

Thanks to everyone for all of your thoughtful gifts, cards and wishes! It was a great day!


  1. oh, Im glad you like your headband! That night was a blast. ps guess what I found upstairs in the Doyles ol' bedroom under the bed.....? a fake RAT staring at me, I totally thought it was real hahahaha! How funny that its still around creeping people out. You hust have left it behind. Good times =)

  2. Happy freakishly belated birthday..


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