Friday, June 5, 2009

How am I still here??

At Alyson's dance recital

With this big D saga only having been going on for about a month and a half, I have experienced many many things that I never thought I would. Some of them not so moving into an apartment, splitting up belongings, and filing for the big D. Oh wait, let's not forget about attending a singles ward once again!

But there are also things that have happened that I wouldn't trade anything in the world for. 

The love I have felt from my Heavenly Father. I'm not too big on blogging the spiritual things, but I would not be sane if I didn't feel his spirit and love so close like I have been. 

The support of my family. Despite the hour commute, it was the greatest feeling to go home. My parents have been rockstars in this situation and are behind me 100%. My brothers are especially nice and always make sure to give me the extra hug. Kenny wrote me the absolute sweetest letter from Canada and it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. Of course, Alyson just loves me and will be my BFF if I will do her hair or paint her nails. 

The support and love from my friends. HOLY COW! I was amazed and still am about all of the people that have rallied around me and have been there for me. Hardly anyone called to get the nitty gritty details, Most would just send a message or call and say that they were thinking about me and let me know that they cared. I know that there is some sort of saying that says when the tough times come, you find out who your real friends are. I have been pleasantly surprised about how many friends I have. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Aside from these long lasting fulfilling things, there are a few other treasures that truly carried me through my first couple weeks.




Lady GaGa. The Fame.

Andy Samberg
The treats. Oh the treats.

Good combination if you're looking for any healing in your life!


  1. We love you so much!
    I am just wondering, who's the lady in blue and the guy on the trike?

  2. It looks like you had fun in NY! That would probably be a great place to get your mind focused on other things! I hope things are looking up for ya!

  3. You are so dang cute...Yesterday was fun to catch up! Love the NYC pics..JEALOUS!

    Isn't family the BEST!! SO glad you are doing awesome and staying true to who you are.. LOVE Lady Gaga's album and those apples.. THOSE APPLES! I had an apple pie apple last night from Rocky Mountain.. Have you ever tried one... YOU HAVE TO :) Well darling I hope work is going just swimmingly.. I will come bearing gifts in a few hours! LOL

  4. I know I don't know you very, well at all, really but just wanted to say you're so strong for going through what you're going through and doing it with a smile! Family is everything! I'm also jealous of your trip to New York! Good Luck with everything!

  5. Thank you for opening up and sharing your heart to the world. I think it is a great form of medicine and release. I am sorry to hear about this little chapter in life, but I am very excited for your many more exciting chapters:) Nobody said life was easy that is for sure:)

  6. Andrea. I love reading your blog!! I love how your little sister is your little mini-me. That is exactly how it is with my little sister and I and it is the best!!

  7. Hey my tween, those apples are glorious and lady GaGa makes me aroused. Andy Samberg rocks and good friends make life swell. It was super fun chillin' with you getting our pedicures and devouring nachos! LOVE YA =)

  8. I'm so jealous that you were able to go to New york. Looks like you had a good time and I to would have delved in to those apples. You are to cute and I'm glad to see that you still have a smile on your face after all you're going through. We think of you often and hope you're doing ok.


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