Monday, November 19, 2012


1. Midnight movie of Breaking Dawn: Part 2: Part Insanity. #TWIHARD
2. Friday bun. It was accidentally massive, everyone in the office had something to say about it.
3/4. At the ballet Swan Lake with Sarah. I fell asleep for a few minutes. Not because I hate the ballet, but because of  my Twilight hangover.
5. Megan & I made a run to City Creek Saturday night, and I had to be pried away from the Macy's window displays. 
6. Then I picked up these fun plates at the Anthropologie sale. I adore them. 

Oh hey! 
This weekend was super low key for me. I didn't make any set plans since I've been slammed the past couple weeks.
 All I wanted was to be able to do what I wanted to do. Should I use the word wanted again?
 Besides these pictures I made it to the Temple & to Tonyburger
Other than that I was holed up reading, sewing & watching movies. 
It did my granny soul good.


  1. Catchin' up on blogs! I'm slightly obsessed with two things so far. Your high bun, and your shoes on monday from a couple posts ago. :) Oh...and please tell me where you got your curtains in the background. Did you make them? LOVE! I really need to know.

  2. Ooh, I love those plates! Anthropologie sales are the best.

    I also laughed at your previous Twilight post. :)


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