Friday, November 30, 2012

Hicken Family Reunion 2012

This year, my Hicken family all gathered in Hurricane (right next to St. George) at my uncle's house for our reunion. It was so much fun!
We're that family that has a four day reunion, spending all waking minutes together, 
& when it's time to leave, everyone is sad & has family withdrawals. 
(Even if we were all together two weeks before & will all be together at Christmas)

Thanksgiving Day
(We ate our meals in the garage to fit everyone, hence the lovely decorations behind me)

Family, minus Taylor
( He only has about a year left! But my baby brother will probably leave on his mission during the summer. Two brothers out at once? I will not be able to cope.)

My favorite part of Thanksgiving day was having a giant YouTube party with surround sound.


Grandpa Hicken... smoking? 


Just acting casual.

I think Brian is the most obsessed with Katie Anne (the youngest cousin). Too cute!

Everyone at Dixie Rock

About to head into this little slot canyon. After shimmying my way through that, it's official.
 I'm claustrophobic. 

Basically a huge building of trampolines. Tons of germs, tons of fun. 
I got body slammed twice & also punched in the face, I needed a little break.

Tons of games, tons of food, tons of fun. You guys, I really like the word tons lately.

It was a great weekend, I love my Hicken family! 

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