Thursday, May 24, 2012

being happy.

Tuesday at Relief Society  Dr. Lynn Johnson, a psychologist and happiness expert (I guess they do exist!) spoke to us. He was hilarious and very frank with us.  
Here are a few points that really resonated with me, and want to share, if you don't mind! 

1. Bad is stronger than good. You are more likely to remember a bad experience that you have as opposed to a positive one. I'll always remember the one roommate that was mean to me clear as day, but I can't even remember the names of the nice girls I lived with in my first apartment (besides you, Sarah!). Which leads me to...

2.  Turning your thoughts positive. Studies have shown that most people have a 3-1 ratio of negative to  positive thoughts. Seriously! For every negative thought you have, think of three positive thoughts to combat it. This has already affected my thoughts a lot (especially during my commute.)

3. Broaden & deepen. When you are happy, inquisitive and interested in others, you will broaden your horizon of friends, and you'll also be able to establish deeper and long-lasting relationships with these people. Don't forget to always be inquisitive about those who you have relationships with!


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