Wednesday, April 11, 2012


// a walk with Roxy //

// one of my favorite thrifted mugs //

// new fabric //

// hanging out by my new self-made art //

// giving my roots one last photo before I went to the salon //

Isn't it weird to look at random pictures and sometimes it doesn't even really depict what's been going on in normal life? 

Thats why there are no pictures of me crying to the IRS agent saying "It isn't fair!" In regards to an audit of my 2008 taxes (in which the audit wasn't even on my income(I was married at the time), but somehow I'm paying?! $#!* Luckily I'm getting it figured out). 

Or any pictures of me oversleeping almost every day last week and then applying my make up in the car. Don't worry I reserve it for red lights! 

Or any pictures of my kitchen sink full of dishes from yesterday - After a full day of work and class the last thing I want to do is clean! 

Then again, we take pictures to remember the happy moments and to document the little things that make us happy.

And it helps!

Instagram is available on Android (in case you didn't know)!
 Hooray for everyone, Instagram changes your life. 
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  1. happy moments only. so true. i like that you wrote your unhappy moments though. I kind of want to make a post like this too.

    someone should start an "unperfect moment" instagram feed.

  2. imperfect. i meant imperfect.

  3. Working with a pair of guidelines, you are going to notice that it really is family member easy to deploy your own personal kitchen countertops, even though you could have no do-it-yourself knowledge.

  4. Just found your blog!! You're so cute! I'm definitely a follower.....:)

  5. Exciting, what did you do with the fabric?? I get my roots fixed tomorrow :)


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