Tuesday, April 24, 2012

BEFORE & AFTER : not the good kind

Before: Being totally adorable with my vintage scarf, vintage bike & high-waisted pants. 
Went on a bike ride date to the local pizzeria & then to Top-It for dessert. 
Still being totally adorable at this point. 

Scraped hands &ankle
Bruised calf, knee, hip, crotch (not a joke), & let's not forget pride.

Basically I tipped over while trying to get back on the side walk from the road & catching on a little lip of a driveway. I caught myself with my hands & hip mostly (I guess I don't know how to fall). Tyler helped get the bike off me & I hobbled over to some grass where I proceeded to lay for about 10 minutes. I feel a little bit ridiculous now, but Tyler was really sweet & didn't laugh until the next day.
My grace knows no bounds.

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