Wednesday, March 28, 2012


 I want you to look at this photo. Somebody exited the building I was standing across from & this was my reaction.

from my closet:

Dress: BB Dakota
Leggings: Forever 21
Boots: Aldo

Sorry for the silence y’all. Last week really got away from me. Dog-sitting (it’s a lot of work, okay?), Hunger Games Premiere, getting a cold, spending 7 hours in the ER with Tyler ( He wrecked his dirtbike at the track. The verdict: a bruised kidney and a concussion. He is doing good with lots of Lortab in his system. He would murder me if I posted any pictures of it.) ... and just like that it’s Wednesday. 

I did manage to bleach a pair of brown pants into the best coral color ever & thrift a whole bunch of treasures. Posting pictures soon!


  1. Sad for Tyler. On a brighter note, you are super cute! I love your reaction to the paparazzi. What is taking your pictures for you?? And I think you gave me and idea for an ugly brown sweater that I have.

  2. Poor Tyler. I'm glad he is doing better! I need to see those pants in the flesh. PS. These pictures of you are so cute! Love them, and you.


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