Tuesday, February 7, 2012


... new (thrifted) dresser waiting for some inspiration

Do you ever hit a road block when it comes to feeling inspired? 

I feel like inspiration can come and go so quickly. For me, it's drained from my piles of unfolded laundry & lack of adequate sleep. At the first of the year I was fully charged, ready to take over the world, and I can honestly say a lot of it was attributed to how much rest I got over the holidays, and my room was basically spotless. Crazy to think about how these two things can really stump my creative juices from flowing.

One thing that helps me to hold on to creative inspiration: I keep a tiny notebook in my purse. Anytime I have a thought or idea that I want to remember, I jot it down. It's mostly full of ideas for my house, food, & craft projects. I refer to it a lot now, and it's becoming second nature to grab the book and scribble ideas.

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  1. Andrea, I love your Blog! So stinkin' cute:) The dresser is an awesome find! I love DIY Shopping...my husband thinks I'm nuts. I got 2 hideous nightstands one time for FREE at a yard sale because the owners totally hated them and wanted them gone. Lucky for me I love refinishing old furniture. I stripped, sanded, and painted those babies black. I was told so many times from people that they thought I got them from RC Willey or IKEA. I love hearing that! Black is an awesome color and would look fantastic on that dresser with silver handles, or just spay paint the ones on there silver. Just a opinion. Let me know what you do.


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