Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I  am a product obsessed person so I want to post some of my favorites on here periodically, if that's alright with y'all.

I picked up this mask at the salon last time I got my hair done. I had a Redken treatment before but it just wasn't satisfying this dry mane of mine. 

Now you can add me to the throngs of believers of Morroconoil! My hair feels silky smooth post-treatment, and is noticeably softer after using it weekly for 3 months. 
I'd definitely recommend this product if you're looking for the moisture that the winter doesn't provide.

My eyes look kind of insane in the below photo, but my hair is looking pretty shiny & smooth, even sans product.


  1. First- I would like to thank you for posting a workout or something on FB from the Nike Training Clup app. I have since downloaded it and am currently loving it.

    Second- do you only use the moroccan oil mask, or do you also use their other products?

  2. LOVE morroconoil. Smells soooo yummy. I have to use it during winter to keep from getting static!!


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