Thursday, December 15, 2011


(rising just perfectly)

(perfectly golden & delicious. PS. Do you love mini bread pans like me? )

I dont' think it's any secret that I love making bread(I use this recipe). For some reason it is SO MUCH FUN. You  mix it, you knead it, you watch it rise, you EAT IT. What's not to love?And, news flash, it just got a whole lot better thanks to the wonderful birthday gift of a Kitchen Aid mixer from the boyf.
 This was definitely the best batch yet. 


  1. I might start calling you Henny if you start collecting and grinding your own wheat :) Do you have the one hour bread recipe? So fast!

  2. Ours turned out good yesterday, thanks! But without a Kitchen Aid... I'm waiting for that gift. You have such a nice boyf. And I need this one hour bread recipe from kjha!


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