Monday, December 19, 2011


Reasons for a party on 11.11.11

My Dad & Taylor share this day of birth.
Taylor would be leaving on a mission in 3 short weeks.
11.11.11 was a Friday.
I like planning parties. 
11.11.11? Coolest date ever.

Twinkly lights
Turquoise, white & silver
Fancy beverages
General fun-ness
(So mostly the theme was "party")

(designed by sweet friend Ashley. Don't you love this?! )

(I don't have a super fance camera, this is the best I can do!)
In real life, the lighting was perfect and dare I say dreamy.

There were so many people that showed to support my Dad & Taylor. When I had a minute I snapped some photos.

This picture makes me miss Taylor

Thanks to Meg, Adam, Sarah & Denis for keeping Tyler company while I refilled punch bowls. 
I love my friends!

Beautiful ladies

Photobooths will never be overdone because they are so much fun. So many of my parents friends wanted their picture taken and I LOVED IT.
Can you tell we added the date last minute?

I said, "parents, act like you're at prom!"

My brothers worked hard to coordinate their attire. So handsome!

little hearts

my girfs!

aww shed a tear!

11:11 PM
Nobody knew what to do so we made wishes & shouted hooray!


  1. That is a pretty cool date. I am REALLY looking forward to Katie Anne's birthday party next year on 12.12.12!!! Wanna help me plan it?

  2. Wahoo!! Den and I were just wondering the other day when we'd see these pictures. It was fun, Andrea. You did a great job!

  3. It turned out so cute. I love it. I love the ombre balloons!


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