Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Don't act like you're not jealous of me posting about Halloween over a week late. Don't!

The Saturday before Megan hosted a party at her new house. It was so fun & Meg decked it all out! I forgot to pull out my camera until the party was pretty much over, so I only got pictures of T & me.

Tyler went as a certain former N'Sync member, I was a witch. Not my best year for creativity, but what do you do?

I loved these Frankenstein cupcakes.

Halloween night:

Halloween is Roxy's birthday! She asked me to put a hat on her & sing. 

I carved a pumpkin. I wanted Tyler to help me, & he said "why do people always make you do stuff you don't want to on holidays? Holidays are for doing what you want!" 

So I took care of bid'ness.

I was so proud I had to get a picture with it.
Maybe I shouldn't be so proud? (it's a bird with a hat on it... you can't really see the outline)
In between trick-or-treaters Roxy asked if she could wear my hat. 

After trick-or-treating we went back to my hous, hung out with Cat, Amy & respective boyfs. We watched Alfred Hitchcock's The Lady Vanishes. I thought it was more funny than scary, but entertaining nonetheless!

Hooray for fun nights!

I celebrated the crap out of this holiday, & I was 100% ready to say adieu. Until next year spooks!

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