Thursday, February 3, 2011

might i invite you up for a nightcap?

i love the term "nightcap". "would you like to come up for a nightcap?" I myself have never been invited up for a nightcap(darn!), and tyler told me last week he thought it meant a literal sleeping cap.

anyway i thought i would invite you up(to my blog) for a nightcap. a little journal-y cap on my day(& night).


  • i pre-ordered my iphone (EEEEEEEEEEK!!!! so excited) @ work. i'm SO glad i was patient & didn't turn my back on verizon. & that i was eligible for my upgrade so i got a sweet discount!

  • tyler can JUGGLE! you think you know a guy... :) he juggled 3 oranges tonight and my cheeks seriously were hurting because i was smiling so big. SO BIG.

  • i made cashew chicken from this recipe. i love allrecipes, i have found so many good eats from it! tip: read the reviews! let the people who tested it tell you what to add/not add to make it phenom. as in phenomenal. the verdict was delicious. i am on a weird kick of cooking a lot of asian food lately...
  • watched The Office. still love it. still laugh.

....aaaand that's pretty much it!
nighty night!

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