Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bound and Determined

Today is going to be a good day, I thought to myself. I woke up to my alarm at 5:20 for the morning gym routine before my roommate Sarah, which never happens. We have a goal that if we go 4 times a week for a month at 5:30 every morning we can buy ourselves a gift... Anyway, that is besides the point.

After I so kindly woke her up for the gym, I decided to check on my car from my bedroom window. You see, there is an empty covered spot right in front of my apartment, and last night it was just too hard to walk a mile from the other side of the complex. I have never seen a car in this spot, I've actually parked there before and nothing happened. "They'll give me a ticket at worst"...
When I peered out my window, I hoped I was sorely confused. My car was no where to be seen! I knew my car had been towed. I tried to look at this situation from every angle possible so that it wouldn't be my fault, but I couldn't find a single one! Oh well, I was taking the risk when I parked there, so I'll pay the $100 to get it back.
I finally got a hold of Legacy Towing (Legacy meaning Evil) and asked how much it was. "$250." "Why so much?" "That's how much it costs." I thought he said it would be $75 more after 9 am. Sarah is the bestie so she offered to take me down to the ghetto with no hesitation. We can't find it among all the other towing companies located in the trailer. I call to get the exact locale and he says "It's $75 cheaper if you wait til after 9." Ok great so it's $175? "Yeah, $175."
Go to the ATM, Sarah gives me her bus pass to take down, shows me how to use it(I'm quite embarrassed I had never been on the bus before) and I am on my way.
The bus was fun! first. I even made a successful transfer to get to my desired destination. I pull the lever ever so gently at the stop. We pass it. Oops, I guess I didn't pull it hard enough! I yank on it for the next stop which is about 4 blocks down, on the other side of the freeway. That's fine, I can walk distance!
After almost being hit by a man in his little porsche(I was sure to give him a little wave hello-for real-not the finger!), and crossing under the freeway overtaken by pigeon poo, I walked the remaining 5 blocks to Legacy (Evil) Towing. There were guard dogs outside and barking and trying to chase me through the fence. "Don't be so mean!" I yelled.
Hooray! I have found the building at the very back of the property! But much to my dismay, it is locked. I call the towing number and it goes to voicemail twice. A guy from another towing company lets me in the poorly lit, yellow hallways to wait. He is in his office playing with a bird that has poop all over the floor! It started skwaking and he pounds his fist into the desk, "You shut up! I will make soup out of you!" It was lovely. I waited ONE HOUR. Being so tired of standing, I was squatting on my purse when the super nice gentleman from Legacy (Evil) showed up.
Without so much as a "hello" or "sorry you had to wait an hour" he walks behind his counter and hands me a bill that says $200. "Why so much? The guy told me $175." "Who?" "Whoever I talked to at 6:45 this morning." "Oh well he must have been sleeping. It's $200." I use their ATM to get out $20 which is really like $30 with all the fees. I practically threw the money at him. "Meet me out back and I will unlock the gate for you." Gee, thanks, you really are too kind!
After I sped off and screamed and pounded my fists into my thighs for a short time(I'm sure I looked really wonderful), I decided something. It is only 10 am. I am going to have a good day! This is my own fault really, I had to pay the consequences for something I knew I wasn't supposed to do. So what, $200? Nothing I can do now! I have a great friend who so kindly sacrificed her early morning to drive me around for nothing, and Tyler was super sympathetic about my mistake and even took me to lunch!
I decided NOT to pay forward the customer service I had received, and instead was the nicest I've ever been to all those people walking in my door. I'm not sure if anyone else noticed, but I felt I succeeded. I had a good day.


  1. How positive are you! Good job:)

  2. P.S. I would've been livid, even if it was my own beautiful fault.

  3. Wow!!! I would have never been that positive in a million years! I definitely would have let it ruin my day, no probably my week. Good job!!!

  4. hahaha wow.. sounds like quite the day girlie. Can I just say I HATE hate HATE those stupid towing and booting ppl at all the apartment complexes! Its the dumbest thing ever. Glad you got your car back! :)


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