Thursday, December 3, 2009

Well... since I haven't posted anything I've been up to for the past 3 months, here are some pics to document my life as of late....

Let's start with Lake Powell back in SEPTEMBER.... I went with Tyler and we met up with 6 of his pals from Arizona. We found the cutest little beach that ya ever did see and camped out under the stars for 4 days. It was such a blast wakeboarding, tubing, fishing and just eating and hanging out on the beach!

*I want everyone to remember that my camera is ill and doesn't take very good pics*

On the drive...

I was sad that Roxy didn't have her head on my shoulder...

Our sweet camping spot

Tyler and his one true love:)

Photo op! It was nice going au natural... although I'm not so sure about it now looking back...

Tyler busting his moves on the water


The water was the best!

Tyler offered to take a picture of me on this chair

I surprised him and told him to hop on up so I could take a picture of him! He was thrilled.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! this post was sent exactly at midnight (well, not really, I tried to stay awake.) I love the Powell trip photos! Your camera must have something viral, doest seem too ill, your photos turned out ok ;) So, Im excited to have an excuse to chill with you and T-Mill because its ya birfday! You're a sweetheart and I love you to death girl! Have a great Birthday!


  2. I think you are a BEAUTY with no makeup on! I also love going "naked faced", if you will, when you're on vaca...especially if it involves water and the beach and I tend to get annoyed at the girls that don't. Anyway...Happy Birthday tomorrow! Hope it's the best one yet :)

  3. Um, if I didn't wear any mascara, I'd have to re-introduce myself to you because you wouldn't recognize me. Dang invisible eyelashes!!!


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