Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Who would you wear?

This was a fun poolside game this summer and I'm sure that many of you are lovers of fashion, so what better place to bring this than to this blog?

The Game is simple, yet thought provoking(ha!). A little superficial, but hey, what girl doesn't imagine herself in her favorite designer?

If you could only wear (5)FIVE(5) designers, who would they be?

After a lot of consideration and studying, I would have to say:

Marc Jacobs

Love that they used Lily Allen!

This is my favorite ad by Gucci. I could kill for that Coral suit!

Christian Dior

Diane Von Furstenberg
I LOVE how much color she uses!

Who would you wear?


  1. 1. Alice + Olivia (my faaaaaavorite) http://www.aliceandolivia.com
    2. Betsey Johnson
    3. Marc Jacobs
    4. Dolce&Gabbana
    5. Versace

    That was fun. :)

  2. 1. Converse
    2. Fruit of the Loom

    ...oh dear. This is incredibly difficult.

  3. Now you KNOW this is my favorite game.

    Oscar De La Renta for glam
    Marc Jacobs for everyday
    Chanel for first impressions and business meetings at Vogue
    Diane Von Furstenburg for weekends and sudden vacations to Europe
    Roberto Cavalli to spice it up

    But please remember...you have to have an alternate. I am still thinking of mine.

  4. In this tough economy Id have to say the following in order of least favorite:

    1. Cherokee
    2. LEE brand Jeans
    3. Sketcher
    4. Mossimo
    5. Western Family

    When things are on the up and up:

    1. DIESEL
    2. GUESS
    3. GUCCI
    4. D&G

    God bless.


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